Show # 29 – Kill Bill

Posted by Rob on Jan 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Preshow, Intros, Studio, Band, Christmas, Dream Theater, Eagle Rant, Special Guest, Kill Bill, Geek Trivia, Phone Calls, Songs, Outro


A STAN Christmas Message

Posted by Rob on Dec 24, 2009 in Podcast

Merry Christmas everyone! Just a short message to let you know what the heck our problem is.


Show # 28 – Woopah!

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Intro, Kwantize, John’s E-mail, Chaser’s Story, Wookiee Impressions, New Music By Us, Sentence Game, IHN Promo, Surfer Interview, More Movie Talk, Cool Music, Random Stuff, Haiku, Woopah!


Show # 27

Posted by Rob on Aug 5, 2009 in Podcast

Ricky’s Crib, Creepy Old Lady Story, Horror Films, Movie Talk, Keller VM, Gay Chat Room Story, C5, Stickman, Banned Hardees Commercial, Darwin Awards, Ricky Is Married, Replaying Old Stuff, Powerthirst 2, Mershaq Outro


Show # 26 – STAN Strikes Back

Posted by Rob on Jun 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Empire Strikes Back commentary.


Show # 25

Posted by Rob on May 14, 2009 in Podcast

Pre-Show, Intro, Baseball, Finneran Fish, Facial Hair, Pedobear, Tornado Story, Kyle’s Work, Star Wars Weekend Posters, Church Urinal Announcement, Random Stuff, News With Interruptions, Amish Stuff, Country Music Jokes, Haiku, IHN Promo, Sports, Sentence Game Sentence, Banjo Outro


Show # 24

Posted by Rob on Mar 21, 2009 in Podcast

Intro, Rick-Rolled Via Voicemail, Profound Voicemail, Death Via Drive Shaft, Deadly Phone Call, 6 People Die For 1 Chicken, Deadly Flatulence, Hostile Siblings, Stupid Person Of The Week, Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Crap, “How Long Does It Take?” – The Hooahs, UroClub, Dumb Stroke Ad, IHN Promo, IHN Clip, Phone Call Interrupts, Where’s Ricky?, Random Stuff, Outro


Show # 23 – 2 Year Anniversary Show

Posted by Rob on Feb 16, 2009 in Podcast

Sentence, Intro, Communications, Spoon vs. Fork Settled?, Fanboys, Grammy Failures, Asian Miley Cyrus, 911 Burger Call, Duke/UNC Game, Product Of The Week: Subtle Butt, STAN’s Golf & Speedway, Klingon Rosetta Stone Course, Finallyfast.com, Haiku, VotR Trailer, Clicky Noise Starts, Random Stuff, Jacob Call, HER, More Random Stuff, Star Wars What If?=Retard Jedi, Taco Bell Call, Caleb Leaves Us, Random Stuff, We Discover The Clicky Noise, Plokoon Calls In, Tread-Mobile, Annoying Kid Commercials, Creepy Kid Shows, Deaf By Kissing, Wrapping Up, “Cross Your Fingers, Close Your Eyes” – The Hooahs


Show # 22 – Hanging Out

Posted by Rob on Jan 8, 2009 in Podcast

New Intro, Chatting, Jamming, Chatting Some More, Stupid Metal Band Names, Tearing Down, Egg Metal, New Show Ideas, Fade Out…


Show # 21

Posted by Rob on Nov 14, 2008 in Podcast

OMG, Voicemail, Hector/Fred/Lancaster/Tommy’s Voicemail, The Eliog Joins Us, Ewoks, Other Star Wars Races, Blue Harvest, Fanboys Trailer, IHN Promo, Prisoner, Haiku, Church Dancing, Indian Superman Part 2, Dialup, Voice Of The Republic Promo, Ed(na)?, PetsMart Prank Call, Wal-Mart Prank Call, Prank Call Talk, Winding Down, Outro

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